A fascinating certificate from 1914

A colleague let me see this handsome certificate which his grandfather received from the regional Band of Hope Union in Yorkshire for attending and writing a report on a temperance lecture – the Yorkshire Rose is prominent, of course! I have seen many of these from around the country, but it’s always special to talk […]

Back in action

Demondrinkextra has languished for a while, but we are back in business now – spurred on by this great post from the John Rylands Library. http://rylandscollections.wordpress.com/ Apparently this collection was discovered relatively recently. There is a similar temperance scrapbook in the Livesey Collection, University of Central Lancashire, but nothing like as ornamental!

Temperance postcard pre-1909

One of my PhD students has just given me this: it’s by Bamforth who of course produced so many millions of temperance slides for the Band of Hope as well as postcards and early films. The postmark is 1909, and the message on the back is not temperance-related, so it could have been sent as […]

Back in action…

After a longish period of illness, Annemarie resumed the temperance history trail again last week with a public lecture at Liverpool John Moores University, under the aegis of their ‘ Victorian Print and Popular Culture’ programme. Using artefacts and images of the physical exhibitions as illustration, she explained the genesis and progress of the ‘Temperance […]